Squaretech.ca would make sure to provide satisfied services which would be guaranteed from our end and that are purchased through our website, if in case the service is not up to your mark nor satisfied.

You can contact us using the below info:

Please call us at: 1-844-856-7490

Or you can drop us a email regarding your concerns to: billing@squaretech.ca

Our motto is to provide the customer with the best and we would promise to provide a remedy or replacement for the purchase at any given cost before our service back time i.e. 48 hours from the time the complaint is registered at our side.


The customer, who purchases a onetime fix from our website, shall have the refund only when the problem is not resolved. Also the onetime fix would be valid for about 48 hours from the time of the complaint received, and we also recommend the customer to call us back to report if there’s any problem faced after they are resolved.

We promise to guarantee replacement for the services. Just in case Squaretech.ca determines that the issue cannot be resolved by our technicians, would receive a full refund and the credit should appear in the customer’s account within a week time. (Business days)



We do offer a numerous other plans, where we would provide our services for 3months, 6months up to 1 full year.

Squaretech.ca also offers full refunds to any of its customers who have purchased subscription services and if they want to terminate the same within 30 days, Please make sure that after 30 days the refunds or termination of services would be on a pro-rated basis relative to the term of the subscription.

Please read our return policy before making a purchase of our products or doing a service with us. Squaretech.ca offers a well detailed description of the service on our website. And it is assumed that the customer has reviewed our products and service to be done is made clear that it is satisfied by the customer before making a decision on the purchase. Henceforth no refund/return request should be solicited by the buyer/user after 30 days from the date of purchase or service which is done by the customer. And if the customer reaches us for the refund, a mail would be triggered to you after it is been reviewed by us whether the product or the service which causes the problem. If still the customer decides to make a return, we will process a refund on the customer’s account within a week (Business days) after processing the request.

Squaretech.ca always makes sure that the refunds are made to the same bank account for security purposes.

For refunds beyond 30 days, Customer must return any products on its original form with packaging and documentation to qualify for a refund to be made. We would acknowledge that the package with the product is undamaged and good at its return, if not it would be the customer’s responsibility for the damage. Do make sure that the product you return are not affected or damaged. Please submit the refund/return request to : billing@squaretech.ca